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Welcome to Space Sour!

This website was born as an outlet to share our passion for music. Being musicians ourselves, we personally felt the urge to support indie musicians and artists we love, that are sometimes ignored or simply not very well-known yet.

While just starting as a music blog, we steadily grew our presence and started offering MUSIC PRODUCTION services and MUSIC MARKETING services to all musicians that wish you give a boost to their careers. We have multiple years of experience in songwriting and marketing and we’re eager to help music artists achieve their goals. For any questions feel free to contact us using the button below.


If you’re an artist and want us to review your music and simply make us listen to your new banger, feel free to submit your music by clicking the button below. This will lead you to MusoSoup, an incredible new platform where you will be able to be sure not only we gonna listen to your music but also an incredible selection of hundreds of blogs.

So what are you waiting for? Submit your music and let’s go to Space!!


We made our playlist to share our new discoveries and the best artists around. Since we receive many messages regarding this, the best shot you can have is to send us your song for playlist consideration through Groover. by doing this you’ll be sure we will listen to your song, plus we will give you a feedback which can potentially be useful for your next releases and applications.